Community Outreach

Happy New Year from the Missions Community Outreach Committee. We are looking forward to a new and productive new year. Our commitment to the community is strong and through your generous donations, we will continue to support local organizations and families in need.

            The committee would like to send out another appeal for other members to help us throughout the year. We meet once a month and could certainly use the support of a few more people. As they say, “many hands make light work.”  If you would like to join our committee, please let Lauren Carlson, Lisa Benoit, or Lori Giannotti know.

            The Christmas Ingathering was held on December 19th. We were able to serve eleven families and gave them Christmas dinner groceries. We are incredibly grateful to all of you for your donations and support. The families that we serve are also grateful.

            The Missions committee not only distributed food for the Ingathering in December, but we also made a monetary donation to the Overlook Farm. The donation was made towards ongoing educational programs given at the farm. The programs teach children about how to grow healthy food.

            At the moment, there is no team for the meal delivery to Dismas Family Farm in January. The third Thursday of every month is designated to deliver a meal to Dismas. Some of our teams have split apart, and there are 3 months in the year without a meal team. The residents of the farm love to receive these meals. We have even had pizza delivery as well as Chinese food during the past year. Please prayerfully consider giving a few hours a month to this rewarding cause. The Mission Committee will pick up and deliver the food for you if this is an issue. If you have any interest in cooking a meal, please contact Lori Giannotti (978)804-1142. Thank you.

            We pray that the year 2022 will bring health, happiness, and many blessings to you and our community. However, if you or anyone you know needs help of any kind, please reach out to us. You can contact the Church office directly or call one of the committee members. All information is strictly confidential.

            God Bless you all and keep you safe.

            The Missions Community Outreach Committee

            Lauren Carlson (508)849-9528, Lisa Benoit (508)472-4640, Lori Giannotti (978)804-1142