Community Outreach

Happy Holidays! It is so hard to   believe that Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Christmas season is here.

The Missions Committee has been remarkably busy this past month. The Thanksgiving Ingathering was a big hit. We would like to thank everyone that donated food. Special thanks to the Rutland Volunteer Fire Brigade. They gave a large monetary donation towards the Ingathering. Our thanks also to Rita Stearns and the Sunshine Circle for their contributions. It is through donations such as these that allow us to give abundantly to our community. Jordan’s Farm provided discounted turkeys to us, and the Sunday School made Thanksgiving cards as well as adorable turkeys to add to the groceries. We provided meals and groceries for nine families. Our families were extremely appreciative.

The Committee also gave gift cards to a family that suffered a house fire in Holden. If you know of anyone that needs help such as this or anything else, please let the Missions Committee know. You can also contact the Church Office directly. We would be more than happy to give support in any way possible. This is especially important during the holiday season.

The Dismas Family Farm meal for December will be provided by Carol Erickson, Louise Jordan, and Lauren Carlson. I would like to remind everyone that we are still working to find more volunteers to provide meals to the farm once a month. The months of January, July, and September still need a team. The commitment is minimal but so appreciated by the residents of Dismas.If you would like more information, please contact Lori Giannotti at         (978)804-1142. Thank you.

The Missions Committee has now turned its attention towards Christmas.  We will be giving store gift cards to the families this year. This will allow people to buy their food or gifts. If you would like to donate any gift cards, please see Lauren Carlson, Lisa Benoit, or Lori Giannotti.

Once again, we wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy Christmas. Let us remember that Jesus gave of Himself completely during His time on earth. We are called to be Jesus to each other. May the Holy Spirit move in each of us and help us to give of ourselves not only during the Christmas season but throughout the year.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you all from the Missions Community Outreach Committee.

Lauren Carlson, Lisa Benoit, and Lori Giannotti